Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Mr Scruff

This blog is about things I like.  That's it.  I don't claim to have any (well, many) remarkable insights or anything interesting to say, I just want to write about the ...stuff... that I like.  And here is something.  It's music - but unlike the mainly acoustic or electronic music that I dabble in this is more sample based (more posts and theories on that later my friends!).  And it's Mr Scruff who is a tea drinker, cartoonist and samplist-er (whatever it's called).
I came acoss this fellow because he was at one time one of the featured producers in the Computer Music magazine (CM158, December 2008) and on a whim I visited his website, which you should have a look at.  I would particularly like to recommend the following tracks which you can find on the above link and also on his soundcloud page (although they're all interesting):

  • Baisies
  • Jus Jus
  • It's Dancing Time
  • Shanty Town
  • Fish
  • Get a Move On
There's quite a few examples of what I understand is referred to as Nu-Jazz as well as samples of Brian Cant, Raymond Baxter, John Noakes and Captain Pugwash, to name but the few I recognised.  It's funky, and to quote my good friend Professor Roberts (now in San Diego), there's no point if it ain't funky.

Check it, as they say.

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