Friday, 15 July 2011


I dabble a bit in making electronic music and contribute very occasionally to the KVR Audio One Synth Challenge (OSC).  I use Reaper for this and have tried quite a few synths, almost all free ones, available from the web.  One of the best is Fuzzpilz's Oatmeal, which I used for one of my OSC entries, which effort is actually on my sound cloud page.  The synth looks like this (hence the name, presumably).
However, you shouldn't judge a synth by its cover, although it can be a bit off-putting.  Luckily Fuzzpilz, with great prescience (or maybe he was just being realistic) included a button which allows you to change the skin very easily, and there are now various skins (as well as hundreds of patches) for the synth out there including the one I've been using.
Finally, the point of this post is that flavours of lime has released a new two-in-one skin pack which looks like this (well this is the dark version, or the 'Derek' version as he calls it), and it's the one I'm using now.
And it still sounds as good as ever it did...

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