Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Goodbye Cruel World!

My son's primary school held an art show last week and as parents we were invited to view the work of our offspring and then perhaps pay for some (or all) of their works of art on display.  Being thrifty I was thinking "well, we'll get them back at the end of term anyway".... but that wasn't in the spirit of the thing.  Anyway, here's an example of what my son did (he's nine):
In preparation for the art show the children apparently enjoyed lessons on Dali, Munch, Monet and in this case Lichtenstein (I think).  My son chose to make this interesting image of a ninja leaping away from an explosion, which he initially entitled "Goodbye Cruel World", but then told me that he thought that "I Hate My Job!" might be better.

Personally, I thought that "I love my job!" would have been the best thing to call it, as what could be better than having an occupation dressing up like Lee van Cleef and blowing stuff up.

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