Sunday, 5 February 2012

St Peter and St Cuthbert

January was a busy month for some reason (I don't know why because I didn't achieve anything) but at least I've got off my hurdies (that's a Scots word, you'll just have to look it up) and got the beer making going again.  The 1541 IPA, I made previously, was based on a kit of Munton's IPA, which came out rather lacking in the malty body, hoppy finish and creamy head that one would expect (just about everything really).  My beer labels were eye-catching though (see earlier post and photo below with guitar and beer bottles in situ).
Therefore, although I'm sticking with kits for now, I'm going to try this St Peter's Ale, which I got from my local and very helpful beer-making shop at Bruntsfield, Edinburgh called Alba Homebrew.  It should be good as St Peter's is a real brewery and you can buy their intensely hoppy bottled beers in Waitrose and elsewhere.  Alba is the Gaelic name for Scotland, by the way.
I started it this morning so it'll be a few weeks before it's ready and my plan though, is to repackage it as 1541 St Cuthbert's Ale.  Obviously this is for my own use and amusement and not for sale anywhere.  I'll be working on the labels next so watch this space/blog.  Cheers.

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